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两位前员工起诉微软 不良内容看多了出现后遗症|亚博ApP买球首选

本文摘要:Two former Microsoft employees are suing the company for not protecting them from the psychological effects of viewing disturbing material.两名微软公司的前员工近日将微软公司告上法庭,称之为在认识到大量不良信息时,微软公司没获取给他们心理反对。

Two former Microsoft employees are suing the company for not protecting them from the psychological effects of viewing disturbing material.两名微软公司的前员工近日将微软公司告上法庭,称之为在认识到大量不良信息时,微软公司没获取给他们心理反对。The two men were left with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after working at the firm, the lawsuit alleged.这起诉讼称之为,两人在工作中患上了后遗症后焦虑障碍,即PTSD。Henry Soto and Greg Blauert worked for Microsofts Online Safety Team, a division responsible for upholding the firms legal obligation to pass on any illegal images to the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.亨利·索托和格雷格·布劳尔特曾在微软公司网络安全团队工作,工作职责还包括帮助执法人员部门压制犯罪团伙和的组织,展开网络监管,将非法图片传送给美国国家下落不明和被奴役儿童中心。Microsoft told the BBC it disputed the claims, and that it offered industry-leading support.微软公司方面告诉BBC,他们对这次指控驳回,并回应他们对员工获取的是领先于行业的心理反对。


Microsoft takes seriously its responsibility to remove and report imagery of child sexual exploitation and abuse being shared on its services, as well as the health and resiliency of the employees who do this important work.“微软公司十分重视审查、移除并向有关部门报告儿童性侵等网络画面的责任,对于专门从事这样工作的员工的身体健康和安全性也某种程度侧重。”It said the balance of protecting internet users while minimising the impact on its employees was a continued learning process.微软公司称之为,在维护互联网用户和增加对员工的影响之间的均衡是一个持续大大的自学过程。When an image is reported, or automated software has spotted an issue, a human being is required to view the material and forward it on to the authorities, a Microsoft spokeswoman said.微软公司发言人回应,当有一张图片被检举,或者腹自动化软件找到有问题的时候,就必须员工查阅涉及资料,然后将材料发送给当局。

The company said people with this role are only required to do this particular task for a short period of time - and that they are kept in a different office from other staff..该公司还称之为,专门从事这项工作的人必须在短时间内已完成特定的任务,他们的办公室也与其他的同事有所不同,被产于在其他的地方。But in papers filed on 30 December 2016, the two men said the company did little to warn or prepare them for the disturbing images they were required to view.但在2016年12月30日的诉讼文件中,二人答道公司没为他们网页大量暴力图片而作出警告或者提醒他们有所准备。

But the documents described Mr Blauert as suffering greatly from this work, contributing to a mental breakdown in 2013. When he expressed his discomfort, it is alleged that he was told to smoke, go for walk or play video games as a distraction.诉讼文件中称之为,布劳尔特要在工作中遭到许多虐待,造成他在2013年精神瓦解。当他向公司回应自己不难受时,公司却告诉他通过吸烟者、散步或者打电子游戏等方式来集中注意力。



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